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SmokeyCorn® currently features four flavors for your tastebuds' enjoyment: Simply Smokey, Smoke & Truffles, Smokey's All and Smokeless. All SmokeyCorn® flavors are gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan. 

Savor the Smoke!

Simply Smokey

Just a simple hint of smoke accentuating the slight natural
sweetness of the popcorn for those who like it subtle.

1 oz. $8    5 oz. $12.50         

SmokeyCorn® Color rgb-15cc.png
Smokey Corn Color rgb - ®.png

Smoke & Truffles

An exquisite fusion of sumptuous smoky notes & distinctive
black truffle.

1 oz. $8    5 oz. $12.50     

Smokey's All

SmokeyCorn® Color rgb-15c.png

Unique essences fused into a luscious blend of smoke, spices and a soupçon of heat. Delicioso!

1 oz. $8    5 oz. $12.50


A delectable melding of flavors with nutty nutritional yeast, a smidge of garlic and a synergy of spices.

1 oz. $8    5 oz. $12.50

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SmokeyCorn® Color rgb-10c.png
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